I spent a week selecting some of my best 10 images from the last few years. I submitted 3 for the final at B&H Event Space’s Portfolio review geared towards a possible show at SohoPhoto http://www.sohophoto.com/ and all 10 for the New York City Camera Club http://lloydspitalnikphotos.com/contest4/.
I also sent them, plus thousands of others, for $55 to the Copyright Department https://eco.copyright.gov/. Something all artists should do.
This is my first venture into this side of photography. I was a professional fine artist for over 15 years and know the dog-eat-dog gallery world well. I don’t expect much to come of this but it has been a marvelous learning experience.
Black-crowned Night Heron, Central Park 8/24/2012 sf 28
Northern Cardinal. Central Park 1/28/2015 sf 9
Red-bellied Woodpecker 4/17/2014 sf 07
Carolina Wren, Central Park 12/19/2013 sf 19
Northern Shoveler, Central Park 3/23/2014 sf 20
Eastern Grey Squirrel Reading, Central Park 5/10/2015 sf 9v2
Brown Thrasher, Central Park 10/5/2014 sf 8v4
House Sparrow, Central Park 10/21/14 sf 7
Hermit Thrush, Central Park 10/25/2013 sf 13v2
Fox Sparrow, Central Park 3/24/2015 sf 10v2
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