Migration has been slow to start and the birds are few. We had a few specials. The Mourning Warbler, White-throated Sparrows and Blue Jay are locals. One somewhat controversial one was a Prothontary Warbler which was released by released in Central Park April 27, 2015 around 3:45 pm by the great staff of the Wild Bird Fund, in the vicinity of Tanner Spring. Reported by David Speiser. The argument is can it be counted as a wild bird. I thing, yes, as long as it recovers, feeds and continues its migration. I looks like it is feeding alright.
Mourning Dove, Central Park 4/26/2015
Chipping Sparrow, Central Park 4/26/2015
Black and White Warbler, Central Park 4/26/2015
Palm Warbler, Central Park 4/28/2015
White-throated Sparrow, Central Park 4/28/2015
Red-winged Blackbird, Central Park 4/28/2015
Blue Jay, Central Park 4/28/2015
rothonotary Warbler, Central Park 4/28/2015
Black and White Warbler, Central Park 4/28/2015
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