Recent photographs below that I combined in Photoshop to represent feelings, events and places that I experienced when I was a young girl.
My Private Garden in London
I moved to London with my mother when I was 6 in 1954. The first flat we lived in was at Kensington Gardens. It came with access to a locked garden called Ladbroke Square Gardens, London W11.
Flying across America
During the early 1950’s I remember taking airplanes and sleeper trains from New York to Reno, Nevada, and other places.
Sailing to London and New York
Mother and I sailed from NYC to Southampton on the Queen Mary in 1954. On other ships we sailed through both canals from Australia and USA. A sailor nicknamed me “Port” instead of Sherry and he explained the meaning of port and starboard.
Tiny People Conjured by a Young Witch in the Bronx
When I was four we lived in the Fordham Hill Apartments, Bronx, NY. I met a girl who did a spell over a wooden barrel. She told me not to tell anyone and go look at the windowsill and tell her what I saw. I saw tiny people running around on it
Flying Scotsman from London to Scotland
When I was 6, in 1954, we went to Scotland. I had the measles there and was confined to the hotel in Broughty Ferry near Dundee for a month and, I learned to ride a bike. I remember the heather on the mountains, stone water bottles and oatmeal. I learned to ride a bicycle on the gravel path of the hotel.
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