New York Botanicals late April

Spring flowers taken with Nikon D750 using Nikkor 105 mm macro lens.

Some of these are native and some are from the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. I had a spectacular day botanizing with a friend who likes to do the same thing. The weather was more than perfect. It took the rest of the day to id everything and get it into the information into metadata. Hope I managed to ID them correctly.
Hydrangea Seeds and Shoots, Central Park 04/28/2015
Borgainvillea, NYBG 4/29/2015
Double-flowered Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis forma multiplex), NYBG 4/29/2015
Pasque Flower (Pulastilla halleri), NYBG 4/29/2015
Pasque Flower SeedsĀ (Pulastilla halleri), NYBG 4/29/2015
Cherry (Prunus), NYBG 4/29/2015
Magnolia (Magnoliceae), NYBG 4/29/2015
Magnolia (Magnoliceae), NYBG 4/29/2015
Magnolia Lennei (Magnolia x soulangeana), NYBG 4/29/2015
Magnolia (Magnoliceae), NYBG 4/29/2015
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