This collection was taken January 9, 2015 during the first real snowfall of this winter in Greenwich Village, New York City. This series is in black and white to emphasize the contrast between the snow and the geometric shapes. The forms are softened by the snow. It was a gray day; therefore, no need for color.
Horatio Railings 1/9/2015
Snowy Lid at Abingdon Square 1/9/2015
Newel Post in Greenwich Village 1 1/9/2015
Newel Post in Greenwich Village 2 1/9/2015
A Wave of Snow Topped Cars 1/9/2015
D'Ags Awnings 1/9/2015
Deco Stair Railings 1/9/2015
Tree and Railings 1/9/2015
Light on Washington Street 1/9/2015
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