Our trips to Newington Nature Preserve (July 28, 2015) and Manly (July 30, 2015), Sydney Australia.
While waiting at Circular Quay for the ferry to Newington Nature Reserve, near Olympic Park on Wentworth Point I stopped for coffee and captured this early morning shadow.
Australian Magpie seen strolling along the banks of the Parramatta River at Newington Reserve.
Just South West of Newington Nature Reserve is the Narawang Wetland by Hill Road.
There we saw Eurasian Coots.
Further along the path at Narawang Wetland.
Why does a Purple Swamphen cross the tracks?
To get to the other side of course.
At my mothers and sisters flat at Rushcutters Bay a Laughing Kookaburra sang by the balcony.
A couple of days later we went to Manly. This stone crab sits in Lagoon Park.
View of Manly Lagoon.
It is still winter in Sydney and the beaches are mostly empty. This little girl was alone on the beach.
As we walked along the promenade I saw this Common Myna eating an apple core.
Sulphur-crested Cockatoos like to feed on the pine seeds. They are not shy and travel in noisy gangs.
Surfers go out all year long. To the right is a pair of dolphins.
You might be able to just make out that this is a Bottlenose Dolphin.
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